WeConnect was born out of a set of principles and beliefs:-

  • The innate desire by individuals to improve, in various dimensions – financially, physically, mentally
  • The frustration of individuals with the amount of information and data which pushed to them that is not relevant
  • The desire to belong, to socially share and aspire as part of a virtual community or tribe
  • The efficiency of digitising processes and that benefits can be brought to many parties in the ecosystem surrounding these processes
  • The ability to develop customer journeys in a mobile first context

So from these ideals, WeConnect has developed a team of professionals who worked in a number of industries to listen carefully to ideas and develop software that enables customers to rapidly adopt mobile applications for connecting their brand to their customers.

The foundation of our mission, is a simple statement :

“We believe that by helping our clients tap into regular and meaningful engagement with their customers we can help generate additional opportunities for their business to grow.”